The long awaited final release of’s BackTrack security auditing suite has been released. Backtrack is the premier Linux distribution focused specifically on security auditing and penetration testing with over 300 targeted tools for just these purposes. The distribution can be booted directly from a LiveCD with no need for installation making it extremely versatile. Optionally for extended use the system can be installed to hard disk or even a USB key. The distribution includes all of the tools required to audit infrastructure security from firewalls to Bluetooth devices.

In this latest release the kernel has been updated and pre-patched. Most wireless drivers are now precompiled to support raw packet injection, in previous releases the drivers needed to be patched and recompiled. I’ll be interested to see if airoscript still needs the drivers to be patched in order to run—I hope not.

I actually find Backtrack to be a great LiveCD for general use too; does anybody else use it?