I would like to ask a favor of

you. I was planning on writing about the differences between a database

architect, a data architect, an information architect, etc. But as I

started doing that, I figured I should document what I do and what I

think a database architect is. So that’s what I have below.


problem is that I haven’t been an information architect or really any

other kind of architect. I guess based on particular tasks I could be

called a data warehouse architect or a BI architect but I think those

jobs were still a database architect with a concentration on data

warehousing and BI.

So here’s the favor. If you have a job, say

developer or DBA, and your job intersects what I have below, could you

post a comment and let me know where it intersects? Also, if you think

I left something out or if I included something I shouldn’t, I’d like

to hear about that also.

Lastly, if you are an architect (any

kind), I would like to hear what your job is. Could you post a job

description or maybe post where and how your job is different than a

database architect?

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