Are you a big college football junkie? If so, you might want to check out Mobile ESPN’s recent promotional offer. See the news story, “Fourth and long for mobile video.”  

According to the article, “Disney-owned ESPN is going to broadcast 25 live college football games in their entirety to Mobile ESPN subscribers. But to get the games, customers have to swap their phone and service plans for those offered by ESPN.”

I love to watch football, but I would rather purchase a sports package from my cable TV provider instead of switch my cell phone and service plan. The size of the screen alone is enough to be a deterrent. Can you imagine inviting your friends over for the game and then huddling around your cell phone to watch the play-by-play action? I think not.

“Supporters of mobile applications predicted years ago that by now, consumers would be clamoring for these kinds of cell phone features. But, one look at the mobile climate, and there’s nothing but crickets chirping.” I’m one of those crickets. When I first bought my Verizon phone, I had a 30-day free trial of V CAST, which allowed me to watch news reports and get the latest information about sporting events (such as football scores for games that weren’t broadcast in my TV viewing area). However, I canceled V CAST after the trial period was over, because I didn’t utilize the feature enough to justify paying $15/month for it.

Are you a fan of mobile video? I’m interested in hearing other peoples’ opinion about and experience with this technology.