The online encyclopedia is being banned from schools because teachers find the unverified facts on the site too easy for students to use.

Often, information on the online editable encyclopedia is found to be inaccurate and misguiding, leading to several schools promulgating a total ban on using the site as a reference point.

An excerpt from Inquirer:

When the Seattle Times asked a Wackypedia spokesperson what she thought of the ban, she agreed with it wholeheartedly.

Sandra Ordonez, communications manager for Wikimedia Foundation, said that the company does not recommend using the Web site as a primary research source either.

The reaction seems a bit extreme considering that all sources of information, be it books or Web sites, are able to contain some inaccurate data. But the advantage with online sites is the ease with which corrections can be made.

While it’s too much to expect all students to verify the content of sites, perhaps an initiative on the teachers front could add more truth to the facts.

Do you side with the ban on Wikipedia from schools?