From CNN:

“The Sci Fi Channel won its first Peabody for ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ a

drama about a war-ravaged civilization trying to start anew. The George

Foster Peabody Awards, for broadcasting excellence in both

news and entertainment, are given annually by the University of

Georgia. Thirty-two awards will be handed out June 5 in New York.”

Now, before all us sci-fi geeks get big heads, bear in mind that South Park

also grabbed a Peabody this year, and that the award ceremony will be

hosted by Jon Stewart, who has twice won the Peabody for his work on The Daily Show.

(This is not a slam on those shows; I watch both.) Thus, while the

Peabody is certainly an honor–something akin to The Thinking Man’s

Emmy–it’s not like this

little accolade is going to legitimize science fiction amongst the

faux-erudite majority out there. (Still, better this than an Emmy.)