Regardless of size, everyone from small businesses to enterprise organizations must battle the associated Spyware risks that include key trackers, Web page redirectors, persistent pop-up advertisements, inoperable network connections, unwanted tracking applications, and other nefarious programs that slow and even render systems and programs nonoperational.

To help you combat these risks and mitigate the damage that they may cause, TechRepublic and IT Consultant Erik Eckel have compiled a Spyware Removal Checklist in the form of a TechRepublic Download.

While not every infected system can be saved, following the steps in this TechRepublic checklist can go a long way toward eliminating common infections and repairing the collateral damage.

The checklist consists of four sections:

  1. Scan the Infected Drive Using a Second System
  2. Perform Cleanup Tasks
  3. Repair Collateral Damage
  4. Final Steps

Don’t get caught without a plan of action when it comes to Spyware, download the TechRepublic Spyware Removal Checklist and keep it on hand for the next time spyware becomes a problem on one of your systems.