Taking a queue from our sister site, CNET, I’d like to break this week’s post into three sections: The Good, the Bad (or Work In Progress), and the Bottom Line.

The Good: Mobile

As a part of our recent redesign, we completely revamped the mobile version of our site to make it more accessible for quick, on-the-go reading from any device. The stats show you approve. Visits to TechRepublic’s mobile site have increased by over 250% in the past month, and we expect this trend to only continue to grow in the post-PC era.

Giving the mobile version of TechRepublic a facelift is only the first stage in our efforts to help you bring us along, no matter where you are or which device you carry in your pocket. Pretty soon, we’ll be launching the first releases of the TechRepublic Android and iPhone apps. Similar to the current version of our mobile site, the initial versions of our apps will allow you to keep up with all of the great blog content we deliver, right from your phone or iPod.

The second version of Android and iPhone apps will greatly expand their functionality beyond just consuming blog content. I’ll save the details for another post as we get closer to launching version two. We’re very excited about our mobile momentum, and we look forward to getting your feedback on version one when it’s released.

Work In Progress: Forums

We changed things. You told us what changed for the better and what changed for the worst. We listened. You want answers, not more hyperbole.

As I discussed in my previous post and its comments, we have a good number of options — big and small — available to us. In my post next week, I will lay out what we plan to do to improve your experience in the forums and when you can expect to see some of those changes.

The Bottom Line: Help using the new site

A lot of the recent feedback that we’ve received runs along the lines of “How do I do this?” or “I used to do X this way on the old site, so how do I do it on the new one?” Our editors are here to help and have created a series of FAQs to get you pointed in the right direction.  Additionally, the mistress of all things TechRepublic Out Loud, Sonja Thompson, has created a couple of video walkthroughs on TechRepublic’s Q&A section and voting capability.

If you’ve looked through the FAQs but couldn’t find the answer you were seeking, let us know in the discussion thread below so we can help post updates. You won’t just be helping yourself, you’ll be helping everyone who uses the FAQs.