The Apple Watch is a helpful business tool right out of the box, which is noteworthy, as the number of third-party business-related apps available at launch is proving disappointing. While some business-enhancing third-party apps prove convenient and helpful–such as those for Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets–these options may only be of interest to professionals working within the advertising, marketing, and public relations fields. Thankfully, a few third-party apps are available now to help make your Apple Watch a little more business friendly.

Native apps

Enabling Calendar and Messages on the Apple Watch justifies the purchase price, in my mind. The ability to review, confirm, and snooze appointment reminders and respond to texts directly from the Watch saves time, enables more immediately responding to messages, and permits you to determine whether a potential message or reminder is a priority or can wait.

The same is true with phone calls. Often my phone is buried in a pocket, messenger bag, or out of reach. Determining who is calling and whether the call is a client or colleague with whom I need to speak or a telemarketer to be ignored is more helpful than I originally expected. I discovered with a first generation Pebble just how convenient accepting and rejecting calls is from my wrist. Being able to also simply silencing an incoming call by covering the watch comes in handy, too.

Third-party apps

If you’re an Evernote user, you can leverage the Apple Watch to dictate and view notes. Using the Watch’s microphone, you can dictate searches. The app’s Watch version also supports setting reminders and receiving notifications.

The Wall Street Journal app, like the New York Times app, lands reliable breaking news alerts right on your wrist. In the case of the WSJ app, the immediacy of the Dow Jones & Company financial news reporting proves relevant for many investors, executives, financial services, and other professionals. Should breaking news prove relevant, you can continue past the headlines and proceed directly to articles arresting your attention by tapping the headline. Rolling the digital crown lets you scroll down through the entire article. These apps are free.

PCalc, a $9.99 application (there’s also a free Lite version), offers Watch users a calculator on their wrist. While I find the calculator a little unwieldy when entering several calculations, due to the Watch interface’s small display, the built-in gratuity calculator makes quick work accurately calculating a proper gratuity following a business dinner.

My organization doesn’t use Salesforce, but if we did, I’d load the Salesforce Wave Analytics app. The free program enables accessing your business’ Salesforce data. For example, you can leverage the Watch app to review case overviews, sales performance. and account totals.

Those traveling on business or just needing a ride to a meeting should appreciate accessing Uber information on the Watch. The free app enables you to track ride requests, status, and the type of automobile your driver operates directly from your wrist.

What apps do you prefer?

Have you found Apple Watch apps that simplify your business day? Post your favorites by joining the conversation below.