Best of 1999: Boot camp for tech training is a big hit

Intensive training helps turn new hires into productive workers in a lot less time. TechRepublic looks at why an article on high-tech boot camp training became a readers' favorite in 1999.

Training new hires in a hurry can be a headache. A new training method that’s gaining popularity among IT managers is employee boot camp. It offers the intensity of the military without having to wear camouflage or getting blisters from marching in the mud.

This new trend didn’t escape our notice—or yours. TechRepublic’s article “Take no prisoners: Send your new hires to boot camp” was one of our most read items in 1999. You told us you wanted the inside scoop when it’s time to choose an outside firm to conduct this kind of intensive employee training—and, in this popular article, we gave it to you.

This week, we’ll take a look back at the top five articles that appeared in ManagerRepublic last year. Today we begin with the story you made number 5. Click here to read “Take no prisoners: Send your new hires to boot camp” now .
Did your workers turn out to be top guns? Did anyone go AWOL? What tips would you recommend when opting for boot camp? Share your war stories by posting a comment below.

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