Best of 1999: Checking Y2K compliance

Everyone in IT suffered through months of worrying, planning, and testing to get ready for Y2K, so it's no wonder this tip on checking Y2K compliance was one of the top five most popular articles in the SupportRepublic.

With any luck, we’ve heard the last of Y2K. However, everyone in IT suffered through the process of testing machines and debugging code. So it comes as no surprise that one of the top five most often read SupportRepublic articles of 1999 was “Checking Y2K compliance from the DOS prompt ,” which logged in at #5.

Although most of your production machines in the office have probably already been tested and cleared, the Y2K panic isn’t over yet. You’ll probably hear from friends and relatives whose machines haven’t been tested. You might be able to save yourself some work by sending them this article and letting them perform these simple tests themselves.
Thanks for visiting our site. This week we’ll be counting down the top five most often read articles from the SupportRepublic in 1999. You made 1999 a great year for TechRepublic, and we look forward to an even better 2000.