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Best of 1999: Hiring staff with right aptitude

Our article on using aptitude tests in the hiring process was the most read story in the IT Manager community for 1999. Read on to find out how these exams can help you find the right people for your organization.

The countdown is over. TechRepublic’s article "Aptitude tests help managers hire the best candidates" was the most read story in the IT Manager community in 1999. And it’s no wonder: Virtually every hiring manager is scrambling to fill essential, tech-based jobs, and lots of them are speeding up the process by testing applicants before they even interview.

We discovered that Tek.Xam, a test that measures tech savvy, may funnel large numbers of liberal arts majors into IT jobs once they graduate from college.

Human resources experts recommend a general aptitude test for knowledge-based positions. They say mental ability is the most important factor in hiring, and the skills needed for a specific position can be taught. It’s important, however, that the hiring manager look at other areas, especially honesty, personality, and attitude.
Now that we’ve named the number 1 article in the Manager Republic, it’s time to read up on the rest of the best.
How are you using aptitude tests?
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