Users install software they shouldn’t. They power down while an installation program is running. Despite training and nagging by the IT staff, users find ways to foul up their systems.

What’s a good support person to do? One tool that can help make systems run faster and smoother is RegClean, which is the subject of the number-one (most often read) article from the SupportRepublic in 1999, “Use RegClean to rescue a fouled system.”
In 1999, the fifth most often read article was “Checking Y2K compliance from the DOS prompt,” and the fourth most popular article was “Download our collection of dumb user stories for 1999.” Ringing in at the third position, “Don’t sell yourself short when you bid on contract work.” The second most popular SupportRepublic article in 1999 was “Ten questions that can help you hire a good help desk analyst.”