Best of 1999: Start small with e-commerce

Stop pointing fingers. Just because your business isn't online yet doesn't mean it's too late. Check out our third most popular article of 1999, which tells you how to break into the e-commerce market.

If you want to sell books online, it would be mighty intimidating to take on a giant like But you may be surprised to learn that for most other businesses, it’s not too late to begin competing in e-commerce.

If you’re facing that challenge, you’ll want to read, “E-Commerce: Start small and learn fast.”

The huge number of hits to this feature jive with what the analysts are telling us—many IT teams are just beginning their plans to put their business online.

All week, TechRepublic is reviewing the most popular articles for 1999. This feature on e-commerce ranked number 3 on the ManagerRepublic. Other top stories included:
Did you take on the competition—even through they launched their site before you did? Give your peers some advice about buying into the e-commerce market; post a message below.

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