There is so much hype about e-business that it sounds as if all you have to do is build it, and they will come. But for any CIO who’s had the onerous pleasure of leading the virtual trail through the tangled forest of the Internet, it’s not so easy.

Normal business mistakes are just part of the deal. Couple those with technology do’s, don’ts and maybes, and your e-commerce effort can become a lost cause. How can you find your way? TechRepublic, of course.

Randi Hicks Rowe’s “Keeping the business in e-business ” gives you a checklist of common Internet mistakes that you need to avoid. As the second highest read article in the CIO community in 1999, this article has proven to be a popular one with other well-read CIOs.

So put on that pith helmet, read Rowe’s article, and plant that flag—it’s time to take over the e-World!

This week, TechRepublic has been presenting its top five articles for each republic. CIORepublic has had some great must-read articles during 1999. They include:

Number 5: “XML: The future of the Web

Number 4: “Communication and leadership: A two-way street

Number 3: “Time to leave? Look at your company’s vision for CIOs and other IT executives

Tomorrow we will present the number 1 article in CIORepublic for 1999. Make sure you check back with us to see the end of the countdown.
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