CIOs must be a vital part of the strategic planning of a company’s future. Still, some firms are not deeply committed to a long-term investment in technology—or to the CIO. So where does that put you? What are your career prospects at such a company? Should you be proactive about looking for your next position? Is it time to leave?

TechRepublic’s article on this topic—published way back in May 1999—was the third most popular article in the CIO community last year. Clearly, we struck a career nerve. Read “Time to leave? Look at your company’s vision for CIOs and other IT executives” now, and find out the two criteria for determining if it’s time for you to jump ship to a more progressive company.
All this week, TechRepublic is counting down the top five stories from 1999. To get caught up, read number 5: “XML: The future of the Web” and number 4: “Communication and leadership: A two-way street.” Be sure to come back to the CIORepublic later this week to read the top two articles from 1999.
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