We at TechRepublic are not quite ready to sing “Auld Lang Syne!” Before we close the door on 1999, we want to thank you for your support of TechRepublic.com, your Web site for IT information. Our maiden year was a rousing success, thanks to your input and your involvement in our IT community.

TechRepublic has published thousands of articles since launching in April. This week, each of our Republics—CIO, Manager, Admin, and Support—is counting down the five most popular articles of 1999. Technology, certification, and career information lived at the top of the charts. You shouldn’t be surprised—your readership called the shots.

Now to the countdown
Eager to find out the most popular article in each community? Wait no longer. Simply select the Republic, and satisfy your curiosity.

Kimberly Henderson is managing editor of TechRepublic.com. She spent 1999 reading the thousands of articles that hit the site and is looking forward to reading TENS of thousands more in 2000!