While many topics stood out in 1999, one generated far more than its fair share of interest. IT certification is hot—and it’s got some administrators and support personnel steaming.

For years, tens of thousands of IT pros have invested time and capital, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears, in earning MCSE status. And just six months after the designation retires for those certified in Windows NT 3.51, Microsoft is pulling the rug out from under its Windows NT 4.0 MCSEs, too.

Or is it?

The announcement has many of the 188,000 MCSEs up in arms. Some claim they’ve had enough and will abandon Microsoft’s training program. They say they’ll concentrate their energies on developing Cisco and Novell skills, instead. Others proclaim they’re staying the course. If you’re among them, take heart: There’s nothing to fear. Read AdminRepublic’s fourth-most read article from 1999 to find out why.
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