For the second year in a row, an article about the use of XML (eXtensible markup language) was one of the five most-read pieces on CIO Republic.

In 2000, TechRepublic columnist Tim Landgrave wrote a four-part series that discussed XML’s potential for business. The first article, “From HTML to XML: A language lesson on the future of the Web,” took second place.

If you don’t want to search the site for Tim’s XML articles, you can download the entire series. Included in the download is information on:

  • XML’s potential to change the Web.
  • How XML can change development.
  • Using XML to ease application integration.
  • How XML resolves the debate between the use of COM or CORBA.

More information on XML is available in these articles that appeared on TechRepublic in 2000:

  • TechRepublic contributor Kevin Brown put together a sample XML application that users can download. Using his music collection as an example, he walks through the process of building an XML database and includes XSL and XQL templates to complete the application.
  • If you need XML resources as a developer, read our review of

TechRepublic is running the top five articles of 2000 this week. If you’ve missed them, check out:

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