The U.S. government began 2000 with an effort to recruit and train IT professionals to serve in government agencies, followed by a $2 billion federal plan to fight cyberterrorism that included an educational initiative to recruit and educate IT workers.

TechRepublic members showed their interest in Uncle Sam’s initiatives by making the IT Manager article, “Feds fight IT labor shortage with training incentives,” the third most popular article in 2000.
During this week, TechRepublic is presenting the top articles of 2000. We’re in the middle of the week with the third most popular article in IT Manager Republic. So far, our Top Five countdown has included:

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“There aren’t many places you can go with a relatively low level of experience and be able to be a part of some very large dollar projects,” Giga Information Group analyst Mark Cecere said in the article. “The junior-level people are often in charge of a lot of money.”

The article also describes federal plans to pay recruitment bonuses for new federal employees with IT skills and retention allowances for current employees with those same skills.
If the government is making a special effort to recruit and train new IT professionals, why shouldn’t the private sector? Is working for the government a good way to get the training and certifications you need? Has your organization raided government IT shops for workers? Post a comment below or send us an e-mail.