Certification is one topic guaranteed to start a debate among IT pros. If you are talking about Microsoft certifications, things really start to heat up.

In October 2001, Microsoft announced that its MCSE NT 4.0 certifications would be valid indefinitely. The decision reversed an announcement that the software giant had made nearly two years earlier—that the MCSE NT 4.0 cert would expire at the end of 2001.

The TechRepublic article about the reversal, “Microsoft reversal adds life to MCSE certs,” was the third most read IT Manager Republic article of 2001.

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The fourth and fifth most read articles of 2001 were “McAfee director shares nine steps managers should take to stop virus attacks” and “Confessions of IT workaholics: All work is hazardous to health and home life,” respectively.

Selected by over 48,000 members, the article explained some of the reasons why Microsoft decided to alter its previous decision and other changes that were announced in conjunction with the NT 4.0 certification change.

Also, the discussion stemming from the article provided a sounding board for how TechRepublic members felt about the reversal and how it may affect the validity of certifications.