Initial assessments of the 2001 job market indicate that the United States experienced more job losses during the past year than in any of the previous nine years. The IT industry was one of the hardest-hit segments, and 2001 left many IT professionals searching for jobs and questioning the next step they should take.

With the number of IT-related layoffs in 2001, it’s little surprise that the top IT Manager Republic article of the year was “Answers to the top 20 career questions.” The article is a collection of popular questions from TechRepublic members about working and maneuvering in the IT space.

In the article, Kevin Rosenberg, the managing director of executive recruitment firm BridgeGate LLC, addressed these questions with advice that included:

  • How to leverage your paper certification if you have little actual experience.
  • How to find a new IT position.
  • How to determine if an MBA is helpful to your management position.
  • How to vie for a higher salary.

Close to 100,000 TechRepublic members read Rosenberg’s evenhanded suggestions for finding a new position or securing a different position in their current organization. For this and more career advice, read the highest-read article in 2001. The article is also available as a download.

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In April 2001, IT Manager Republic published an article outlining the new graphical user interface (GUI) changes found in Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, Windows XP, which was released in October 2001. This article, “Windows XP: New GUI design shows skin is in,” was the second highest-read IT Manager article of 2001.