As part of our year-end coverage, TechRepublic is doing a series of “Best of 2007” wrap-ups, including the top 10 from each of our weekly franchises. As you may know, Tech Sanity Check is the featured franchise every Monday and here is the list of the top 10 for 2007:

1.) Sanity check: 10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT

TechRepublic spills the beans on some of the most nefarious aspects of working in IT. From bursting the bubble of newbies wanting to play with cutting edge gear to explaining how techies cover their butts by confounding business managers with technical jargon, this piece provides the tell-all.

2.) Sanity check: The truth about Windows Vista adoption in 2007

In October, Microsoft reported strong revenue from Windows Vista sales, but in September Microsoft quietly agreed to allow vendors to downgrade Vista PCs to Windows XP. This column cuts through the mixed messages and spin to uncover the truth of Vista adoption in 2007.

3.) Sanity check: The six consumer technologies that are destroying traditional IT

If you believe the Gartner Group, consumer technology and IT departments are in the midst of an all-out civil war. Here are the six consumer technologies that are causing the most havoc for IT departments. In confronting this challenge, IT can choose to sink to swim.

4.) Sanity check: How Microsoft beat Linux in China and what it means for freedom, justice, and the price of software

Learn how Microsoft reversed course, rebuffed a challenge from Red Flag Linux, and won over the Chinese government and the Chinese people with Windows and Microsoft Office in this examination of Microsoft’s victory in China and it’s implications.

5.) Sanity check: Did The Wall Street Journal sabotage businesses by publishing tips on how to circumvent IT?

I characterized the The Wall Street Journal’s tips for circumventing IT as dangerous and irresponsible and write that many of them could have very negative consequences for businesses, IT departments, and users.

6.) Sanity check: Can tiny Zoho beat Microsoft and Google in online office apps?

Google admitted that it is officially launching a bid to compete with Microsoft Office. However, the biggest threat to Microsoft Office may be from tiny startup Zoho, which has an online office suite with better features than Google and more Web savvy than Microsoft. See whether Zoho’s challenge can succeed where IBM, Sun, and open source have failed.

7.) Sanity check: The 10 biggest technology belly flops of 2007

While 2007 gave us some fantastic technological innovations, it also brought the usual spate of bungles, miscues, and faux pas. In the spirit of learning from our mistakes, here is the Tech Sanity Check list of the biggest belly flops in technology in 2007.

8.) Sanity check: Will WiMAX be a 3G killer, or is it vice versa?

The broad deployment of IP-based WiMAX networks for mobile Internet access could open the door for wireless VoIP phones and usurp cellular carriers. However, the cellular giants are ramping up 3G for mobile Internet to try to beat WiMAX to the punch. This Tech Sanity Check sorts out the fight and predicts the results.

9.) Sanity Check: Is IT still a profession worth recommending to the next generation?

After I wrote about the split between IT strategy and operations, several IT pros suggested that IT may not be worth recommending as a career to the next generation. See why I disagree and which segments of IT I think will have a bright future.

10.) Sanity check: Will Microsoft be your next phone company?

On October 16, Bill Gates proclaimed that the business phone has been stuck in a time warp and that the moment has arrived to bring it into the digital age and revolutionize business communications in the process. This edition of Tech Sanity Check examines Microsoft’s broad ambitions in unified communications and how it could impact IT.

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