Few bloggers can match Toni Bowers for stirring up interesting debates, raising tough questions, bringing attention to IT employment trends, putting ridiculous ideas in their place, and giving workplace issues a sardonic kick in the pants. Here are 10 career blog posts you don’t want to miss.

Longtime TechRepublic editor Toni Bowers launched her career blog in 2006 and has steadily delivered a kaleidoscope of workplace insights that help managers (or anyone who has a manager) cope with the politics, personalities, and plot twists of life in the IT biz. Here are some of her favorite entries. We’ve also compiled them into a PDF download.

#1: Lessons in diplomacy, or how to effectively employ the Mafia death stare

#2: The problem with corporate terminology

#3: Why are managers afraid to manage?

#4: Five ways to make a good impression in your new job

#5: 3 things your resume could do without

#6: Don’t discipline entire staff for mistakes of one person

#7: Lessons my big brothers taught me

#8: Could your employer fine you for being unhealthy?

#9: Aspiring to be a blip on the corporate radar screen

#10: Why some co-workers will never admit to mistakes