Throughout 2008, only one Geek Trivia post earned the distinction of garnering at least 20 thumbs up and generating 50 associated comments, Geek Trivia: The Altered States of America. This little gem sparked 192 responses and 21 positive votes, which is ironic, since it’s a trivia question about the closest U.S. Presidential elections in history. Check it out, if you haven’t already, to see what the fuss is about. As for the best of the rest of Geek Trivia…

Geek Trivia posts that generated at least 50 comments in 2008

  1. Geek Trivia: Contest(ed) winners (83)
    What “unwinnable” contest prize did someone actually manage to win in a Pepsi stuff giveaway, thereby leading to a landmark lawsuit?
  2. Geek Trivia: Hollywood hack job (61)
    On what television show was the notorious cybercriminal Kevin Mitnick cast as a government-employed white-hat hacker, despite the fact that his probation ostensibly required the show’s prop department to mock up a dummy computer because Mitnick wasn’t allowed near a real one?
  3. Geek Trivia: Tools of the trade(mark) (51)
    What popular linguistic authority — which presides over the evolution of the English language and is occasionally cited in legal discussions regarding genericized trademarks — has itself been a victim of genericide?

Geek Trivia posts that earned at least 20 positive votes in 2008

  1. Geek Trivia: Where the action is @ (29)
    Who was the first software developer to use the @ symbol as an operator for routing e-mail, a fateful combination that has made both the symbol and the technology famous?
  2. Geek Trivia: Two Fourths for the price of one (24)

    What country somehow managed to observe two Fourths of July in the same calendar year — a timekeeping feat unmatched by any other nation in recorded history, including the July 4th obsessed United States?

    Geek Trivia: Where no (space)man has gone before (24)

    Who is the only real-life astronaut ever to be cast in a Star Trek series, a wholly separate accomplishment from the fictional astronauts or historical spacefarers shown in stock footage or played by other actors during the Trek franchise’s four-decade run?

  3. Geek Trivia: The fact of the (anti)matter (23)
    What is the cost to produce a single gram of antimatter, according to a 1999 estimate by NASA?
  4. Geek Trivia: ZIP code of honor (21)

    Who is the only fictional character ever to be granted a U.S. Postal Service Unique ZIP code, a distinction normally reserved for corporations, universities, and government agencies that are routinely deluged with high volumes of mail delivered to a single address?

    Geek Trivia: Clear browser history (21)

    What was the first World Wide Web browser written for Windows PCs — an application designed for a niche audience you might not expect?

  5. Geek Trivia: Raiders of the lost art (20)

    What iconic comic book artist designed the visual look for the character Indiana Jones?

    Geek Trivia: Major motion pictures (20)

    What is the rank and branch of service for Bugs Bunny — the sole cartoon character ever bestowed an official position in the U.S. military?

    Geek Trivia: Home away from home(world) (20)

    Which of the several hundred known and suspected planets outside our local solar system has enough characteristics in common with Earth that scientists believe it has a reasonable chance of supporting a recognizable form of life?

    Geek Trivia: Name, Net, and match (20)

    What was the original name proposed for the decentralized computing network we now call the Internet — a sci-fi inspired title first coined by computing pioneer J.C.R. Licklider more than 40 years ago?

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