Why gender diversity in the workplace increases creativity and innovation

Deloitte consulting principal Kavitha Prabhakar talked with TechRepublic about why gender diversity is good for business

Best practices for increasing gender diversity in the workplace

TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with Kavitha Prabhakar, consulting principal at Deloitte, about how to increase gender diversity in the workplace. Watch the video, or read part of their conversation below:

Patterson: What are some best practice techniques that we can use to look at business performance for specific types of organizations and steps for improving diversity?

Prabhakar: So I think the key to note is when you look at what diversity brings, it brings more innovation to bear. It brings more creative thinking to bear. You have different groups of people, or individuals in a group, thinking very differently. And when you do that, especially from a gender perspective, you are able to see that innovation plays a pretty huge role. And I would say keeping that in mind is very important because if you're innovative, especially as tech companies being as disruptive as they are today technology wise, innovation and fast innovation but practical solutions both come to play. If you look at leadership qualities that help women out perform their counterpart male colleagues, it's things like empathy, it's things like the power of persuasion, it's emotional intelligence, it's the ability to connect business and IT together. And when they're able to bridge those gaps and really play that role of being a bridge, they are collectively more successful in bringing solutions to bear.

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