Best practices for tracking mobile workers in emergency events

Everbridge's Meg Lovell shares best practice procedures for employers and their mobile tech workers during an emergency situation.

Best practices for mobile worker emergency response

Whether it is a hurricane, a bomb, an earthquake, an active shooter, or another emergency situation, mobile employees should know how to respond. TechRepublic met with Everbridge's Meg Lovell to discuss best practices for mobile worker emergency response.

Mobile employees are often overlooked in the workforce, though they are just as valuable as employees who work in the office. "It's very important not to forget those particular employees," said Lovell, noting that companies should have records of things like an employee's home office, and sites they visit.

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When employees are on the move, it complicates things for their employer. Tracking their unexpected locations or requesting an employee's travel plans, and feeding that information into a system can give employers a sense of what area their people are in, she said.

Companies can also use mobile apps that allow their mobile workforce to check-in. In the case of an emergency, the use of an app can allow the employer to notify their workers if a situation pops up while they are on the job. "It's always good to be able to just pull up a map and see who's there or circle a map and have it push out a notification to those that are in a particular affected area," she added.

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