Bing Maps gets a makeover

Microsoft has enriched Bing Maps with 3D street-view, but is it a match for Google Maps? More news in this week's Roundup.

Microsoft has enriched Bing Maps with 3D street-view, based on its Photosynth and Silverlight technology. The new beta also takes advantage of Twitter's geolocation API, plotting tweets onto the maps. Furthermore, developers can build apps on top of Bing Maps Beta for added functionality. Although impressive, we thought it was no match for Google Maps.

After claims that its November security updates caused some users' desktops to go blank, Microsoft started investigating the issue and have found that there's no evidence to suggest the updates are the problem.

Unsurprisingly, Google expects Gears to become obsolete, as HTML 5 becomes more widespread. The search giant says it's not giving the project much attention and anticipates more developers will continue to shift towards HTML 5.

At last, even Microsoft is on a mission to get users to stop using IE6. The company has started a campaign to convince people to upgrade to IE8 instead.

Firefox 3.6 beta 4, released this week, comes armed with File API, which is a part of W3C's HTML 5 draft. Mozilla offers a guide for web developers wanting to play around with the feature.

Finally, for a sneak peek at Google's new Chrome OS, check out this screenshot gallery.

--Posted by Lana Kovacevic.