Those of you

who are following the Bird Flu threat and are considering my suggestion that

you get your company prepared for telecommuting on a massive basis should take note that time may be short.

If the
pandemic hits (and it may not, but planning would also prepare you for a major terrorist attack or natural disaster) and if you want your company to survive begin planning NOW!

13 deaths have been reported this

An entire family in Indonesia – one which doesn’t keep poultry, has been infected
with H5N1 – all but one are already dead.

This incident illustrates two
vital concerns I have been expressing.

>The World Health

Organization’s plan to block a pandemic by rapidly responding to an outbreak

and treating everyone in the area with Tamiflu is bound to fail – the Indonesian

government has blocked efforts to learn more about the dying family and now,

three weeks later, six are dead and there is still nothing but denials out of

the government.


The likelihood of

a pandemic is increasing. Having seven members of a single family who don’t

raise chickens become infected at the same time is a powerful indication that a strain of H5N1 has developed

which can move directly from human to human – possibly jumping the final barrier to becoming a

devastating pandemic.

If you are concerned, now is

the time to plan for how your company will operate when half the employees are

out sick and many businesses as well as government services simply stop. That

is what will happen if we encounter another pandemic similar to the one which

hit the world during WWI.

Make plans for telecommuting.

Consider banning anyone other

than essential IT staff from the building(s) so they can operate relatively

safe from infection and keep essential services running for telecommuters.

Consider stocking some

inexpensive N95 filter masks for employees – it will make them feel better

about going to work and also provide considerable protection.

No mask will block the virus,

but N95 or N100 grade filters will block the aerosol from coughs and sneezes

which carry the virus.

Also prepare information for

employees – this is no more easy to catch than the flu we deal with every year,

it is just much more dangerous if you do catch it.

Hand washing and similar
precautions can prevent many infections.

Unfortunately the current

strain is most deadly to youngsters and those with strong immune systems

because fatalities are mostly caused by healthy immune systems triggering

Cytokine production and consequent lung failure.

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