You’re a Mac person in a PC world. You began your computing life on a Mac, but when you had to start making a living, you found your fingers stroking a PC keyboard. Then the iMacs came along and you thought, “Hey, I might need one of these.” Funny thing, Macs have started popping up at work again. MacInstruct is a tutorial Web site for both Mac trainers and IT professionals wanting to know more about Macs.

What does the site offer?
MacInstruct is a new, small, and very promising Web site with strong content. It has only a few sections, mainly concentrating on the Mac tutorials. The sections you’ll find include:

  • Tutorials
  • Forums
  • MacInstruct Network
  • About MacInstruct

The site has two great assets: the Tutorials and its partnership with

Only the two most recent Tutorials show on the home page, but a click on the Tutorials link shows a total of 11 available. Here are a few examples of the more helpful tutorials.

  • If you have a new iMac replacing an older one, a tutorial shows you how to share or move files when you have different floppy drives on each.
  • There’s also a tutorial available if you’re having trouble with your Mac at startup or if you’ve always wanted to know about Parameter RAM (PRAM) and what it does. PRAM is a portion of RAM that holds key information about your Mac that’s needed for starting it up and keeping track of certain settings.
  • Tutorials on modems and setting up HP printers for your Mac look especially valuable if you find yourself setting up a room for some Mac training and you’re trying to get some printers to work.

There are a few more tutorials, and many of the existing ones come with screen shots to enhance your learning. I’m impressed with the quality of the instruction.
The partnership with fills in the gap of information found on MacInstruct’s main site. When you click on, you go to another site with access to:

  • Approximately 12 Web site links
  • Eight programs that help enhance your programs or Web sites, such as a simple counter program and a simple form mailto program
  • Four VB programs, including a text editor and an encryption program

If you have a Mac Web site you’d like to share with your fellow trainers, please post the address and your comments at the bottom of this page.
Kevin’s impressions
I like the style and format of the site. There’s a Forum provided for the readers, though it doesn’t appear to be super active, based on the message dates. I hope the site owner keeps this site growing, as it’s a useful destination with some very helpful tutorials. I bet it’ll be an even better bookmark in six months, but it’s worth a look today, just the way it is. Bottom line, MacInstruct is a site Mac trainers should visit and recommend to their users.

Kevin Eikenberry is president of the Discian Group , a learning consulting company in Indianapolis. If you would like to comment on this article or have any questions or suggestions of other Web sites to review, please follow this link to writetoKevin .