Further to our relatively civilized discussions in The cost of BlackBerry envy just a couple of weeks ago, The Register has to stir the proverbial hornet’s nest by doing a Reg panel survey pertaining to the mobile mail solutions employed by various organizations.

You can check out the piece Microsoft versus BlackBerry versus, er, BlackBerry?

According to the article, Microsoft is starting to get its act together and doing quite well against the BES. Though research shows that commitment to RIM is particularly strong in the enterprise space, it closes progressively when it comes to smaller organizations.

Also, RIM is not sitting still at the lower-end either and is aggressively engaging in the enabling of POP3 mailboxes, both via its BIS sold through the various Telco as well as via the free single-user edition of the BES for personal use.

For those of you who are still clueless, I wrote a piece on How is Microsoft’s Direct Push better than the BlackBerry. It was written quite a while back, when Windows Mobile 5.0 was prevalent. Now that Windows Mobile 6.0 devices are starting to show up, be sure to catch my follow up Examining Exchange 2007: The Future of Direct Push.

Before you flame me, note that all my discussions are based on purely technical merits only. I do happen to think that BlackBerries are fabulously well-integrated devices that are a pleasure to use. I personally use a Pocket PC at the moment, but if RIM would like to give me a BlackBerry handheld, I will accept it as well. 🙂

So what does the future bring for mobile mail? Below is the requisite poll:

You are most welcome to state the rationale pertaining to your views on this matter. Join the discussion.