I notice a very interesting news release from

the beginning of August which states that Blackhats successfully (and it seems

quite effortlessly) managed to remotely exploit and install a rootkit on a

MacBook.  Of course exploiting a machine

is in itself nothing extraordinary, what made this instance particularly

alarming is that the only weak point to be exploited was that its WiFi adaptor

was enabled!  Just enabled, not even

associated with an access point!  So what

allowed them to do this?  Apparently the

vulnerability is in the way in which manufacturers drivers interface between

the hardware and operating system.  It is

not only Mac’s which are affected, both Windows and Linux users are at risk

too!  Although the exact method of

exploit won’t be released until manufacturers have had a chance to update

drivers, the method of exploitation is apparently very simple and revolves

around the use of binary drivers.  OpenBSD systems are not thought to be