Today’s IT News Digest newsletter featured a story that I think will appeal to the blogging community: “All the news that’s fit to blog.” Author Rob Conant provides shocking statistics about the decrease in newspaper circulation over the previous six months, ending in September (it’s more of a drop than in any comparable six-month period since 1991). Of course, most people in the print business are quick to point their ink-stained fingers warily at blogging – even “some of the most respected print journalists around still treat blogs as if they were lab specimens.”  

According to Conant, “The mainstream media can look down its nose at the blogosphere, but the numbers tell a different story. More people than ever are reading blogs because of shared affinities and it’s coming at the expense of print newspapers.”

Personally, I am a blog-o-rama mama. If you hand me a newspaper, I’ll flip right to the comics and then discard it. Whatever news I don’t get every morning from, I’ll eventually read about in someone’s blog…. or not. No offense to dedicated print subscibers, but save a tree already.