Etymotic’s Ety8 looks like the first practical Bluetooth in-the-ear earphone set.

It’s not quite cordless, for it needs a thin cable from left to right (or vice versa), but with the radio receiver, controls (volume and song selection buttons), and battery within the earpods themselves, this is the first small, practical self-contained Bluetooth earset for phones, iPods, and MP3 players.

Other Bluetoothed earsets are already in the market, but they have dangling cords to a bat-belt pack or a pocketed controller. The sheer practicality of the Ety8 design for folks who have to crawl around racks and under desks for our living is unmistakable.

The entire kit includes a case, charger, and multiple tips for different sized ears, plus a Bluetooth adapter for dockable iPods.

Did you click through to look, and is this more appealing than dangling wires everywhere?