After a full week of vacation, I’m right back in the swing of IT news. While I was OOO, I thought I might find time to post at least a couple times during the week, but the joys of moving into a new house (unpacking, painting, and cleaning) consumed the majority of my time and energy. I actually missed my daily blogging routine, but I’m not the only one who is hooked on blogging. One story I came across this morning recognizes the rise in blogging popularity: “Newspapers sign on to syndicated blog service.”

According to this story, BlogBurst is a syndication service from blog technology company Pluck Corp. that delivers commentary from 600 bloggers for use by newspaper publishers. Pluck Chief Executive Dave Panos claims, “Newspapers are looking to BlogBurst to provide expert blog commentary on travel, women’s issues, technology, food, entertainment, and local stories – areas where publishers may not have dedicated staff.”

If you think that people are just willy-nilly posting blog entries for BlogBurst, think again. “BlogBurst has its own staff to review and edit blogs, in effect accrediting them for newspaper publishers and thereby addressing issues of quality control that have often poisoned relations between mainstream media and bloggers.”

Are you interested in finding out more? “Bloggers can sign up to join the service at BlogBurst. Postings from approved bloggers are automatically available whenever a blogger posts online. BlogBurst provides publishers with tools for syndicating blog posts on various topics into their online publications.”

I have to admit, I looked at the newspaper more than I looked online this previous week… yes, cartoons count. It would have been pretty cool to get my blog fix in print format – and now it looks like that may very well be an option for my next vacation!