Book review: How To Make It BIG in the Seminar Business

People will line up and pay to hear you speak, if you know how to market yourself. This book can help.

Would you be interested in a career that offers the chance to make big money and earn an important name for yourself? I realize the title sounds like an infomercial, but Paul Karasik's book, How To Make It BIG in the SeminarBusiness, is a valuable step-by-step guide on how to start a successful seminar business.

What’s inside
Lots of people with specialized skills could make a pretty penny by sharing their knowledge. Karasik understands that the problem of HOW to create a successful seminar is precisely what stops most people from making the big bucks. This book covers every angle of planning, marketing, and implementing a winning seminar. Some of the topics include how to:
  • Choose a winning topic
  • Select the best seminar site
  • Promote your seminar for less than $100
  • Create valuable handout material
  • Deliver a dynamic seminar

What I like best about the book is the author’s attention to detail and the examples he provides. For instance, you’ll find samples of two of the most important pieces of literature you’ll need—a meeting facility confirmation letter and a marketing brochure.

The book provides not only the information to help you get started, but the contacts you need as well. You’ll find nearly one hundred pages of names, addresses, and phone numbers of various seminar companies, corporate training companies, speaker bureaus, seminar sites, and organizations. It’s a treasure chest of networking opportunities to put you in touch with key players in the seminar business.

The author is not only experienced in this field but has done extensive research to provide tips useful for both the entry- and intermediate-level seminar leader. I wish this book had been around when I first started to plan conferences and seminars!

The details
How To Make It BIG in the Seminar Business, by Paul Karasik. Published by McGraw-Hill, 1995. ISBN 0-07-034120-6 List price $15.95 in paperback, $12.75 on Fatbrain.

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Our reviewer, Susanne E. Krivanek, is a training coordinator/analyst for Systems & Computer Technology Corp., Education Solutions Division, who specializes in the development of software product training and certification programs. She has a training background in brokerage software, office applications, and business entrepreneurship, and she speaks on maximizing training effectiveness.

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