Boost your career with tips from Career Magazine

Are you in the process of boosting your training career or your employees' training career? Take a look at what Career Magazine has to say.

Are you in the process of boosting your training career? Take a look at Career Magazine online.

What I liked
The site provides a wealth of information for trainers—and anyone in any profession. It is geared towards providing resources to employees, employers, and those looking for a job. Some of the topics covered are on sharpening your professional image, posting your resume and looking for a potential employer, and how the employer can get the most out of his or her employees.

The site is fairly easy to navigate. There is a wealth of information to read through, including a link to “Career Direction Assessment” designed to help you determine what job best suits you. If you need a little laugh to brighten your day, don’t forget to check out “The TechSide” cartoon, which is updated and provided daily.

What could use some work
The home page could be toned down a bit to make it look less cluttered. The site designers also could print the date the material and columns are published on the site to show that it is updated regularly.

Overall, the Career Magazine is a nice tool to check from time to time for tips on boosting your career. Some of it you may have heard before, but we can all afford to use a little refresher from time to time, right? For more information, follow this link to visit Career Magazine .
If you’d like to recommend a good site for trainers that will help boost their career, please send me a note.

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