With event organisers claiming a successful conference over the past four days, ZDNet Australia went to Borland’s Annual Conference and asked attendees what they thought of the event, their highlights, and their gripes of Borcon 2002.

-Totally enjoyed it. It’s been great” – Anonymous Software Engineer

-So far it’s been very good, varied information; Danny Thorpe is giving some great information about .NET” – William Reilly, Developer

-I wouldn’t mind seeing more advanced subjects covered, even if not everyone is going to understand them” – Anonymous developer

-It’s been good. Some of the sessions could have been more in depth, but the few I’ve been to have been very informative.” – Anonymous

-I like coming to these events and learning the new stuff” – Anonymous developer

-It’s been a fairly good turn out, the sessions have been fairly basic for me and my company as we are pretty advanced in technology use but its good to see a lot of people increase their knowledge though.” – Anonymous

-It keeps me in touch with the industry, and what Borland are doing and how they are integrating their products” – Anonymous

-My main gripe I have is that a lot of the sessions are too introductory” – Anonymous

-Who comes to Borcon is an advantage for me, they are leaders in their respective fields, and it’s good to hear what they have to say” – Anonymous attendee

-Danny Thorpe’s Tutorial on the weekend was my highlight” – Anonymous

-The more I go I find the days are getting longer and it tends to be an information overload.” – Anonymous 4th time Borcon attendee

-It’s good to refresh the memory on how to do things” – Anonymous Developer

-Slides could be more in depth, rather than cover major obvious points” – Solutions from Silicon Developer

-Listening to guys who really know their stuff. It gives us an idea on how to implement what we might have thought about doing” – William Reilly

-Include too much in a small amount of time. Although we want to cram in as much as possible, it can be an information overload” – Phil Haswell

-I’m not going to the last session because I can’t absorb anymore” – Nick (last name -Sanchez”)

-There isn’t much for the amateur here, you have to have some solid experience to get anything out of Borcon, although there is an opportunity to raise the bar even more” – Anonymous Developer

Did you attend Borcon 2002? If so what did you think? If not tell us why you didn’t go to this years event. Email us at ZDNet Australia with your comments.