Borland Software today announced the opening of a global “centre of excellence” to showcase and support the development of its application lifecycle management (ALM) tools.

The centre will act as a fishbowl whereby regional customers can view first-hand how Borland uses its tools to develop products from disparate locations, and at various stages of the software application lifecycle.

“The consequences of poor software quality are well-known, yet quality is still often treated as an afterthought — something addressed late in the development lifecycle,” said Borland ANZ managing director Mark Wilkin in a statement.

The facility will also represent an active -proof of concept” for Borland’s open ALM approach, supporting quality testing practices across multiple platforms, tools and processes, the company claimed. This will allow Borland’s customers and partners to demonstrate, pilot and evaluate ALM technologies, product integrations and implementations.

Wilkin hopes to showcase the centre to ANZ customers from government, financial services and the systems integrator fraternity.