Forgot to mention that my wife got a new car this weekend. She insists

on calling it “our car” but since she drives it and all her stuff is in

it, I’m pretty sure its her car. It’s a 2005 Toyota Matrix, base model

with automatic, precisely the car we wanted to buy last fall. It looks

like this…

Yes, it’s a station wagon, but that’s what we wanted. Hatchback, four

doors, power windows/locks, keyless entry, cruise, automatic, with

above 25 mpg city above 30 mpg highway, 5-year power train warranty,

for under $18,000. Yeah, we’re picky. When we tried to buy last fall,

nobody had the base model in stock, and when a salesman tried to

pressure us into an upsell, we walked out. (This time around the

salesman–from a different dealership–was much more laid back and

straightforward. Here’s what we have, here’s what it will cost. No

pressure, no upsell, no games. He earned our business.)

When we couldn’t get the deal we wanted last fall, I had to drive a

10-year-old Geo Metro I got in high school for an additional year.

That’s the car we’re replacing, and I’m inheriting my wife’s 1999

Toyota Corolla. She’s a social worker who drives as a significant part

of her job. I have a 12-minute commute to work. Me taking the Corolla

should add about 2-3 years to its operating life. As much as I’d like

the new car, this just makes more financial sense.

Stupid logic.