If the latest security scare generated by the “ILOVEYOU” virus disrupted your business, perhaps it’s time to revamp your security policy. We’ve made your work easier with this compilation of TechRepublic’s security articles. This compilation will help you review policies and practices recommended by other IT professionals.

Policies and practices
What policies do you need in place when it comes to security? The best place to start is by establishing guidelines about who can access what information.

For help on how to evaluate your company’s security program and what to include in a security policy, read “Corporate security: Locking a program in place.” If you need to know more about the appropriate corporate defensive action to take when your security has been breached, read IT Debate from Gartner.

Another important step you and your managers should take is to establish a culture of security. To learn how, see “Grim predictions for information security.” This article also covers what analysts are saying about the future of the security software market, which—according to the International Data Corporation —will grow from $2 billion in 1999 to $7.4 billion in 2003.

What can you do beyond policies? As an added precaution, you might consider “hacker insurance” to cover losses related to IT security breaches. “Can ‘secure’ IT enterprises really use hacker insurance?” explores this option.

Speaking of hackers, many IT professionals believe the best way to ensure security is to hire hackers. TechRepublic members explored both the pros and the cons in “Reader feedback: Would you hire a hacker?” and “Hacker hires—the ayes have it.”
When your network has been compromised, the last thing you want to be browsing for is a capable security Web site. Download our updated list of security links and keep them close by in case an ILOVEYOU-type letter hits your system. You should also check out what links TechRepublic members suggested as the best places to find security information.
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