One of most popular set of Photo Galleries that we do on TechRepublic is the Cracking Open series. In them, we take perfectly good pieces of technology and take them apart, displaying all the bits inside. Most of the time, they even still work when we put them back together!

We’ve done several Cracking Opens, especially for the Classics Rock blog. Some of the ones you have seen are galleries for the Commodore 64, the Radio Shack Color Computer, the Osborne I, and the Radio Shack Model 4P. Plus there are even some Future Classics that we’ve ripped open like the MacBook Air.

There’s basically no limit to the number of things we can crack open and display on the site. The main limiting factors as always are time and money. Plus there’s the bit about trying to find models that would be most interesting to TechRepublic members. For example, we’ve been trying to score an Amiga to crack open for a few weeks now, but Mark Kaelin, who’s in charge of the series, keeps getting outbid on eBay for one.

However, now’s your chance. If there’s some old stuff in your basement, wiring closet, server room, or attic that you want to get rid of and would like to see splayed out for the world to see, let us know. Click the Contact link at the top of the Classics Rock blog and you can send me an e-mail about your old equipment.

We can either take it off your hands and crack it open here at TechRepublic HQ, or you can take the pictures yourself and we’ll put them on the site. In either case, it will be a great way to allow other TR members to get a glimpse of what passed for state-of-the-art in years gone by.