Folks in the United Kingdom can now access mobile broadband Internet using a USB modem available from Vodafone.

An excerpt from VNUnet:

Vodafone claimed that the USB Modem Stick is the smallest and slimmest yet, and supports Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OSX.

“For personal use or remote working, customers buy Vodafone for predictability, unrivaled speeds, reliability and ease of use,” said Kyle Whitehill, enterprise director at Vodafone UK.

“As a result, they have increased their usage six-fold as they use the service to work more productively or surf the Internet.”

Speeds of 7.2 Mbps for download and 1.44 Mbps for upload are supported. The USB was developed in collaboration with Huawei Technologies, a leader in Net generation networking solutions.

Wireless services with improved speeds are available from 3, T-mobile, and Vodafone, and the services are getting way better than dial-up.

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