The browser wars are heating up again, and Mozilla has taken the first shot in the latest round. Firefox 3, released on June 17, has a host of additions and enhancements, the most prominent being faster rendering and better resource management than its predecessor. The only apparent downside is that older operating systems (Windows ME and before, as well as any OSX version older than 10.2) are not supported, but those platforms have so little market share that it can hardly be counted as a major issue.

Firefox 3 (

Microsoft has their latest version in Beta testing, though Beta 2 will not appear for months yet and the first Beta is aimed at Web designers and developers. Firefox, on the other hand, has been in Beta for seven months and, though there are some plug-ins that have not been updated for the new versions, many developers have already released updated or Beta plug-ins for Mozilla’s latest offering.

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Personally, I have been impressed by Firefox since its first release. It was the first browser that gave me tabbed browsing (my favorite feature), an integrated popup blocker, and a wealth of plug-ins provided by a fanatical cadre of developers. I am quite certain that the popularity of Firefox has a lot to do with the way that Microsoft destroyed Netscape back in the day, but in my opinion, the primary reason is Mozilla’s attention to detail and desire to produce the best browser out there. What is your opinion of the newest browser war?