What, exactly, qualifies as “business intelligence” (BI)? How important is it? How can it help my enterprise compete in the marketplace?

If you harbor any lingering questions about business intelligence solutions, two articles from TechRepublic contributor Dan Pratte will help you brush up on BI fundamentals.

Pratte has no doubts about the crucial importance of BI tools for the successful 21st century enterprise: “In both business and military operations, it’s easy to see the correlation between the quality of intelligence and the success of operations: Those who comprehend and act quickly upon relevant facts have advantages over those who do not.”

In “The intelligent organization: An introduction to BI,” Pratte defines business intelligence and gives concrete examples of how BI translates into market advantage. Some organizations, however, have already made major investments in information systems that unfortunately have added nothing to their BI capabilities. Read “Is your business intelligence suffering from the Information Paradox?” to learn the two fundamental tests that any new enterprise BI system must pass.

The fundamentals of business intelligence

Do you have questions about the definition or function of BI as elaborated in these two articles? Has your experience provided any illustrations of the need for BI tools, or the successful use of BI in your enterprise? Send us an e-mail or post a comment below.