International Data Corporation predicts that the virtual private network (VPN) services market will grow dramatically—from $2 billion this year to more than $17 billion in 2001.

Will your firm be among those chasing after a share of this market? If so, it’s likely that you’ll be facing lots of competition. Check out these TechRepublic resources to ensure that you’re ready to implement VPN technology for your next client.

VPN terminology, vendors, and uses
If you want to prove to a client that a VPN can help improve the bottom line, you’ll want to show them “How can using a VPN benefit your company?” This article defines the VPN concept, describes how the technology works, and explains how it can benefit an enterprise. It compares a VPN to traditional dial-in access and explores the uses of VPN technology for telecommuters, road warriors, and remote offices. Another primer, “Going beyond the buzz to understand VPN technology,” explains how VPN works and provides a listing of common terms and uses.

For a case study on implementing a VPN, check out “Virtual private networks save money, increase productivity.” Larry “Pepper” Morton, an IT consultant, recounts the strategy his firm used to reduce a client’s long-distance data costs and upgrade the data throughput capability. By upgrading remote-office dumb terminals and taking advantage of the Internet with the use of a VPN, Morton cut the small company’s monthly operating costs by more than $13,000.

When your client is ready for you to recommend a vendor, Gartner’s ranking of enterprise VPN vendors for third quarter of 2000 will help you make your choice. Vendors are ranked in several categories, including the small and start-up enterprises, legacy security vendors, and traditional network hardware vendors.

More help from TechRepublic’s Research Index
In addition to these articles written by TechRepublic staff and contributing writers, you’ll also want to visit our Research Index for more on VPN technology. Here are some of the resources you’ll find there:

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