BT Yahoo, one of the UK’s largest home broadband

providers is starting to upgrade existing customers to 8Mbps free of

charge.  This comes only shortly after

upgrading customers from 512Kbps to 2Mbps, again free of charge—a sign that BT

Yahoo are having to offer more ‘value for money’ in the very competitive field

of home broadband; other DSL providers have been offering 8Mbps services for

quite some time now, at a lower cost than BTs puny 2Mbps package.  Of course, customers who are upgraded to

8Mbps will be tied in to a new 12 month minimum contract—there’s no such thing

as a free lunch!

BT Yahoo still imposes limits on customer bandwidth usage;

20GB/month for 2Mbit users, this will increase to 40GB/month for 8Mbit

customers.  This is a policy which other

high bandwidth providers are trying to avoid—I personally dislike the limits, I

could quite easily hit the limit in a few days!