If you migrate to Windows 2000 from Windows 9x or Me, you might wonder what happened to the graphical Winipcfg.exe tool that came with earlier Windows versions. A default 2000 install still offers the familiar Ipconfig.exe command-line utility, which certainly lets you view and manage your system’s network interfaces, but many users have become accustomed to tinkering with TCP/IP settings from Winipcfg’s handy GUI.

The Windows 2000 Resource Kit includes a version of Wntipcfg.exe, now called Wntipcfg.exe, that’s designed for Windows 2000. But this tool doesn’t install by default, even if you install the entire Resource Kit package. Instead, you need to extract the tool manually.

Figure A
Wntipcfg gives you the power of Ipconfig and the graphical interface of Winipcfg.

To do so, open a Command Prompt window and change to the %systemroot%\System32 folder. Insert the Windows 2000 Resource Kit CD in your CD-ROM drive (let’s assume that’s drive D for this example), and execute the following command:
extract d:\netmgmt.cab wntipcfg.exe

After the file is extracted, choose Start | Run and enter WNTIPCFG.EXE in the Run dialog box. You’ll have a graphical TCP/IP configuration tool, shown in Figure A, that looks and works just like its Windows 9x/Me counterpart.