Instead of waiting until your Outlook and Outlook Express users come to you for advice, be proactive and help them improve their skills with Support Republic’s ultimate Outlook compilation. This download contains over 100 pages of Outlook tips, tricks, and examples taken from 20 TechRepublic and TechProGuild articles.

Include one or two of these tips in your next help desk newsletter, or e-mail this document to your Outlook power users so they can share these articles with their coworkers. Regardless of the distribution method you choose, your Outlook users will thank you for these tips.

Installation, customization, and security
Support Republic’s ultimate Outlook compilation contains a wealth of Outlook and Outlook Express information, including titles such as these:

  • “An inside look at business benefits of Outlook 2003”
  • “Outlook 2002: Save your custom apps with Redemption”
  • “Stay on track with Outlook 2002’s improved calendar features”
  • “Limit Outlook XP’s Attachment Blocking for better e-mail flow”
  • “Streamline multiple Outlook 2000 installations with Office Resource Kit tools”
  • “Set a default e-mail format for specific addresses in Outlook”
  • “Support multiple Outlook versions for roaming users”
  • “Archive Hotmail messages in Outlook Express”
  • “Add versatility to Outlook Express with IMAP and HTTP mail accounts”

The following section is a sample of the helpful Outlook information this download contains.

It’s all in the Details
Although your users may be familiar with Outlook’s Tasks folder, they may not be taking full advantage of this feature. While the default information is usually sufficient for a task, users can also enter helpful information on the task form’s Details tab.

Introduce your users to the Details tab, and they can become even more productive. Here’s some of the information they can track:

  • Date Completed—This box’s default is set to None. But when the task is completed, open the drop-down calendar and select the completion date. When you do so, Outlook automatically sets the Status box on the Task tab to Completed and the % Complete box to 100 percent.
  • Total Work—Use this box to estimate the total amount of time required to complete the task.
  • Actual Work—Keep track of the time actually spent on the task. Over time, you can use the Total Work and the Actual Work boxes as a resource for comparison.
  • Mileage—This box keeps track of the number of miles traveled in connection with the task. This can be very helpful for those who are reimbursed for travel costs.
  • Billing Information—Use this box for any information related to billing, such as the hourly rate to be charged.
  • Companies—Enter the names of organizations associated with the task, such as the name of the client for whom the task is being performed.

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