Have you had your head stuck in a project and missed the latest Builder AU news, features and reviews? Keep in touch with our top 10 stories for June.

Every month here at Builder AU we bring you our most popular stories and topics as viewed by you, our readers. This month’s articles seem to be heavily influenced by our reader’s interest in Open source software and the mobile development space.

Builder AU’s June Top Ten

  1. Using Mono for .NET Linux Development
    Learn how to get the Mono beta up and running for deploying .NET applications to Linux and other platforms.
  2. Jakob Nielsen predicts

    COMMENTARY–I started using computers in 1974, when I was still in high school. My first computer took up an entire room and yet had only five kilobytes of RAM.
  3. Are open source databases for real?

    Free and open-source software is making a splash in the world of databases. But is it reliable enough for your critical applications? Builder AU contributor Simon Sharwood investigates.
  4. Why open source is bad for Australia

    COMMENTARY–The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the US and Australia has drawn praise and opposition from various quarters.
  5. Sun: Open source Java will happen

    Sun has backed up an announcement that its Solaris server operating system will have an open source flavour by making a similar promise for its Java technology.
  6. Mobile development in Australia

    In this three-part series we took a close look at the market for mobile applications, the skills developers need and tips for taking your mobile apps to market.

  7. Develop Applications for the BlackBerry

    Want to develop apps for the Blackberry handheld devices on the market in Australia? Try this “Hello World” primer from David McAmis.
  8. Mapping visitors’ IP addresses

    Sometimes you just need to know what country your site visitors are coming from—for example, if you’re trying to implement geo-targeted advertising. This article will show you how.
  9. Thousands of AU developers protest US trade pact

    Almost 3,000 developers from Australia and abroad have voiced their opposition to the proposed intellectual property clauses in the United States-Australia Free Trade agreement.
  10. Dealing with nightmare clients

    Getting mired in a contentious client relationship is like being stuck in a tar pit: No matter how you struggle, you keep sinking. Whether a hefty ego, poor communication, or a bad business plan is to blame, ridding yourself of a nightmare client can be a delicate operation.