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ZDNet Australia’s Builder Top Ten for May:

  1. Java’s future lies in FOSS

    Australian developer Brandon Franklin says the time is now for Sun to make Java available under a free software licence.
  2. Interview: Bob Muglia on Longhorn

    Longhorn Server will likely be Microsoft’s most complex operating system ever, and Bob Muglia has little latitude for more slips.
  3. Parsing the Builder AU RSS feed with PHP

    Learn how to use RSS and PHP to incorporate Builder AU content into your own Web site.
  4. The three-fold challenge of producing secure programs

    See why security guru John McCormick views producing secure programs as a three-fold problem.
  5. Test software virtually

    Short of setting up duplicate systems, testing new software can be a hairy exercise. Here’s another way: use virtual OSes like VMWare and Virtual PC as your testing platform.
  6. An introduction to Silva

    Australian technical writer Jan Smith highlights the features and functionality within Silva, an open-source content management system.
  7. Who really created Linux?

    It’s hard to imagine that Linus Torvalds could have launched Linux without directly using earlier operating system work, according to a report that has become controversial even before its scheduled publication.
  8. IBM to expand Linux Lab

    IBM Australia plans to boost its Linux development operation located in the ACT with support of the local government.
  9. Loading XML into Gecko-based browsers

    Most Web developers think of Microsoft Internet Explorer and either MSXML2 or MSXML3 when asked about client-side XML. But there is an alternative to MSXML, namely Gecko.
  10. Protocol independence in SOA

    Learn how to implement protocol independence with SOAP in this article from Jeff Hanson.

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